Fun Runs

In addition to the formal events shown on other pages in this website I:

But in reality fun runs are like the one we did on September 29, 2001. We went from the south Rim of the Grand Canyon (elevation 6400 feet) to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon (elevation 8000 ft). The run took a little over 7 hours and covered a distance of 24 miles. It really was a "fun run". Photos taken from the top of the canyon the day before can be seen by clicking on Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, while photos I took during the crossing and that were taken of the group just before leaving and on arrival at the other side can be seen by clicking on Grand Canyon2

Another interesting experience was participating in the Western States 100 training runs which took place May 24, 25 and 26, 2003. We covered essentially the last 70 miles of the course, covering 30, 20 and 20 miles each day. Photos from the weekend can be seen by clicking here

On December 25, 2003 Pat and I travelled to the Grand Canyon to spend a few days. I wanted to run down to Phantom Ranch and back but the weather was so cold. Finally on December 28 I decided to go anyway and left around 11:00 am with the temperature around 15F at that time. Down and back took just over five hours. Click here if you wish to see the photos Pat took that day.

In December 2004 Patricia and I travelled to Mexico's Copper Canyon for a few days. I wanted to run to the river and do some other training runs, and I did. For a few photos of the runs click here.

On April 2, 2005 I ran from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim and back again along with some friends from Tucson. Took me 11:57 for the R-R-R crossing as it is called. Photos I took the day before the run looking into the canyon and those Patricia took the day of the run can be seen here. Bob Redwanc took a number of photos during the run. They can be seen here. We repeated this trip on April 1, 2006. Took 12:42 for the R-R-R this year.

On June 25, 2005 I paced Linda Hurd in the Western States 100M run which starts in Squaw Valley and finishes in Auburn California. I started pacing her from mile 58 (Bath road aid station) and ran with her to the finish. To see two photos of the river crossing click here

Grand Canyon Runs - My History

September 29, 2001 - From South Rim to North Rim - 6:10
Deember 28, 2003 - Phantom Ranch and Back - 5:08
April 2, 2005 - Rim to Rim to Rim - 11:57
April 1, 2006 - Rim to Rim to Rim - 12:42
March 31, 2007 - To Roaring Spring and back - 9:36
April 3, 2010 - To Roaring Spring and back -11:40
April 23, 2011 - To Rangers house and back - 11:07
March 31, 2012 - To Rangers house and back - 11:52
April 6, 2013 - To Cottonwood and back - 10:38
March 29, 2014 - To Cottonwood and back - 10:04
April 4, 2015 - To Ribbon Falls and back - 8:55
November 19, 2016 - To Cottonwood and back - 11:07
March 25, 2017 - To Cottonwood and back - 10:40
March 24, 2018 - To Cottonwood and back - 11:24
March 30, 2019 - To Ribbon Falls and back - 10:42